‘Abroke Diaby’ to ‘Wayne Gooney’- What next?

A little bit about WayneGooney..

In the world of Arsenal, the last thing we’d want is false transfer news that would crush our dreams when we find out it will not come to fruition. So why on earth do some people have the urge to make stuff up? Does it make you feel good? I doubt it.

This is about a young lad currently named on Twitter @waynegooney18 . Over the past few months I have seen him change from a fellow Arsenal fan who was tweeting for fun to an ‘ITK’. Now what caused that? I don’t know. For followers? Maybe. His first Twitter handle was named @Game or something along the lines. He was lovely then. Few weeks after that he changed it to ‘@AbrokeDiaby’. Having close ties to the man himself I was not so happy to see the handle, nonetheless. Now what did he do wrong? Becoming someone he isn’t. In other words he knows f*ck all.

What did he say?

During the early stages of June, rumours had it that Cesc Fabregas and Wayne Rooney were available to sign for Arsenal. Many reliables on here inc: @GeoffArsenal and @DLDN22 claimed that they could be at Arsenal this summer.

So where did @WayneGooney18 go wrong here? He had basically told the world of Twitter that Cesc Fabregas has categorically signed for The Arsenal, occupying the #4 and that personal terms have been agreed with Wayne Rooney. First of all, his claim on Rooney is wrong. I don’t know where he gets these info from- He’s perhaps related to Ben Fairthorne or Inderpal Kaila, who knows? Lets just get things straight on Rooney. NO Contract has been offered yet, but the bid remains in place. Expect no movement until a transfer request has been made my Rooney. This can also be supported by the Mighty Geoff on twitter. Now regarding Cesc Fabregas? Everything he says, is complete nonsense. If he has signed he cannot train with Barcelona, let alone play friendlies. The last I heard on Cesc? Its hit a snag, he wants to give it one more season, but indications from some other reliables on here is that its still a possibility,however its not DONE-SIGNED OR ANYTHING of sort. I suggest you to stay away from @WayneGooney18 claims as he knows zilch. In Fact people are betting ridiculous amount of money (on Cesc To Arsenal) because of his claims and some may be disappointed at the end.

The Truth about Wayne Gooney

Like I said, he is a fraud looking for Twitter fame, that shall not last long anyway. Does he have info though? Really ? No. When he started his ITK movements, he followed @OpinionDan , @Dialsquare_1886 and Me. He constantly asked us for info with his ‘AbrokeDiaby’ account. During the DM conversations, he cited Opinion Dan as his source, which made me suspicious, obviously, This is because I was told, Opinion Dan was here to wind Gooners up, so citing him was not the best idea, Of course. Soon after he found Dan was not so legit, so he did what most would do,which was him trying to out Opinion Dan, so that he would look legit. Since his source was fake(Dan), he ended up making new rumours regarding Cesar and Fellaini. Wasn’t soon after he changed his handle to WayneGooney, to escape from a few and so that he can start his ITK life. I have tried to frame him once but i failed. His stance was so firm on Cesc rejoining because of Dave Seager on Twitter, but he has himself come out and said he was misinformed..

So now you know the truth about WayneGooney, he knows nothing and i hope you unfollow him so that you do not get fooled anymore. Its sad, embarrassing and desperate, so don’t give him the benefit of the doubt.

Transfer Gossip

Uchida (Schalke) RB – Target
Gustavo (Bayern Munchen) DM-Close (Fee Agreed)

Lets all hope Arsenal have a great Transfer window so we can challenge for the Title this season.

Ree Rahman


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  1. You @goonergolazo also don’t know anything and have no ties to the club at all. You’re as sad as him. If anyone wants proof that this guy is a fraud, go follow @goonerespanol who is tweeting his lies all the time

  2. Citromos Kocsog

    What an utter tosh. Gooney is a legend and you’re spouting shit as usual.

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